Pasta – Who invented it – Italy or China?

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Tour History and a very important one too…. Who invented Pasta, one of the most vital food sources on any bike tour! By the way a nice mention by Forbes mag too…. The 50cm-long yellow food substance, in the image on the right, was found in a pot buried during a catastrophic flood, radiocarbon dated to around […]

Marco Polo

Bike Tour or Boat and walk? Marco Polo’s travels

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Tour History – Marco Polo – Now whether he was born in Venice or Korcula, Croatia, which was the subject of an earlier Tour History – . However, there is little doubt he travelled a long long way! Marco’s first epic trip was in 1271, he was 17 years old. He travelled for 4 years […]

Extra Loop

The Alternate Road….

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Chambord-Castle-lionheart bike tour

Our cycling tours are odysseys – historic and challenging. We want to give riders the excitement, adventure and trip of their lives. Saying that, we also want you to be able to appreciate the places in full which we are peddling through. I know some of you out there want to ride every single metre […]


Tour history and The Eagle’s Nest….

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On our bike tours, we love history, food and a good aperitif and we certainly have our tour ‘themes’. However, as with so many parts of the world,   there is so much depth in the history as you travel through these amazing territories. One of our riders (thanks, Tony!) said to me that he had […]