Post Tour – Bike transfer to Athens

This is a brief explanation on how our optional bike shuttle can work for you at the end of The Odyssey.

The tour ends on Kefalonia in Fiskardo.

On the final day our team will arrange taxis for those going to the airport.

For those flying back via Athens there is the option for our crew to drive your bikes back to Athens. They will

  • Drive your bike back to Athens
  • Pack your bike in your bike bag
  • Store your bike until you  depart Athens at the airport
  • Pick you up from Athens city and drive you to the airport with your bike

In 2024, this costs 150 euros for all of the above.

It removes so much hassle from getting your bike from Kefalonia to Athens. It does require you to:

  • Be flying from Athens at least one day after our final day on tour (to allow time for the team to drive the bikes back to Athens)

Have either

  • Time in Athens between your flight from Kefalonia and your flight to your home country or onward destination
  • Have a flight which goes via Athens with enough time in between it and your next flight to have the bike delivered to the airport.

Lastly, if you choose this service,  it means we do not carry your bike bag to Kefalonia. The bike bags will stay in Athens allowing more storage space in the vans for the tour.

Thanks all, any questions please get in touch.

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  1. Louise and I will need our bike bags in Kefalonia, Sam. As you’re aware, we fly directly to Copenhagen via Athens and have included the bikes in our flight tickets.

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