Our 2020 Odysseys, all in one video

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As when we set out with Bike Odyssey, our focus remains the same – quality over quantity. We don’t have ambition to be a huge company which runs hundreds of tours a year – our aim is to run a limited amount of high quality Odysseys. So, a maximum of 5 Odysseys a year which we will run exceptionally is our modus operandi. 


Venice by Enrico!

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Venice is like a fish, check it on a map, it looks like a big sole laid on the sea bottom. Why did this fish arrive till here to rest..Venice has always or nearly existed as you see it now. Since the dawn of time it sailed to harbours, rivers (…). On the map the bridge which connects the city to the land (Ponte della Libertà) looks like a fishing line: it seems like Venice took the bait.


Pasta – Who invented it – Italy or China?

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Tour History and a very important one too…. Who invented Pasta, one of the most vital food sources on any bike tour! By the way a nice mention by Forbes mag too…. The 50cm-long yellow food substance, in the image on the right, was found in a pot buried during a catastrophic flood, radiocarbon dated to around […]

Marco Polo

Bike Tour or Boat and walk? Marco Polo’s travels

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Tour History – Marco Polo – Now whether he was born in Venice or Korcula, Croatia, which was the subject of an earlier Tour History – . However, there is little doubt he travelled a long long way! Marco’s first epic trip was in 1271, he was 17 years old. He travelled for 4 years […]