Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

It is all of our responsibilities to ensure this wonderful earth is there for future generations. We are doing our best to do our part to ensure this happens.

We are delighted to support The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. It impressed us with its aims -  conservation of the world's natural resources and the socioeconomic stability of local communities.  With these our industry can grow so who else but us should contribute to their conservation?


The Adventure Travel Trade Association is the leading community voice for our section of the travel industry. We are proud and active members of this thriving and forward thinking community.

We take Responsible Travel Seriously

Travelling by bike is in itself a minimal-impact approach but we do everything we can as a company, on and off tour to make our impact positive.

We are proud to run an energy-efficient headquarters. The Bike Odyssey head office in Australia is now fully solar-powered and we have invested in a hybrid electric vehicle for all our events around the country.

On Tour:

  • We use genuine silverware, real plates and food storage containers for our gourmet picnics
  • Rags for mechanics, no wipes or paper rolls
  • Bulk powdered energy drinks to avoid any throwaway
  • Locally grown products and foods, they are the best anyway!
  • Always use reusable water bottles and cans, only which we will recycle
  • Use biodegradable garbage bags instead of plastic garbage bags and sort waste for recycling
  • Replace plastic luggage tags with tags made of recycled material
  • Encourage partnering hotels and restaurants to offer filtered water in glass bottles
  • Offer reusable cloth bags to riders for shopping (Bike Odyssey branded of course!)
  • Muesli bars are out - too much packaging! In are delicious fresh nuts and dried fruits in a reusable personal cloth bag to be replenished each day
  • We are looking for a high-end toiletries provider - any suggestions welcome! We want to eliminate single-use toiletries on tour and offer some beautiful soap and shampoo as part of our welcome package!

Giving Back

We like to give back, both to our riding community and to where it is needed most.

We are proud to support the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. This began in 2017 and continues strong with our Lionheart - Venice to Paris Odyssey providing a platform for us to donate $7500 so far. Read how it began here.

We are excited to support World Bicycle Relief's mission of providing bicycles to rural communities around the world. The impact of their work is impressive and we look forward to working with them on projects into the future.


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