Tasmanian Riders Bike tour

A new Homepage Cycling Dream Video

We have been asked a few times for a running sheet for our homepage video so here it is! Spot the cyclist in every shot and see how many locations you can identify!

  1. The Odyssey Stage 2 – Kefalonia, Greece. Riding around towards Myrtos Beach (named the most beautiful beach in the world!)
  2. Lionheart Stage 2 – The Kitzbuhler Horn, Austria. One of the world’s great climbs.
  3. Othello Stage 1 – The Dades Valley, Morocco. Switchbacks into the Atlas Mountains
  4. Che Stage 2 – Volcano Osorno, Chile. A live volcano to climb with views across the Andes.
  5. Lionheart Stage 1 – Danube River, Austria. Cruising the river paths.
  6. Lionheart Stage 1 – Austrian Alps. Riding out from Zell am See.
  7. The Odyssey Stage 2 – Ithaka, Greece. Taking the high road to Odysseus’ Palace.
  8. Lionheart Stage 1 – Sella Ronda, Italy. Magic riding.
  9. UnderDownunder – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Riding away from Dove Lake.
  10. Allies Stage 2 – Mosel, Germany. Into the vineyards we go!
  11. Lionheart Stage 2 – Limoges, France – Sunflower season as we head north to Paris.
  12. Othello Stage 1 – Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Heading towards the Sahara!
  13. Allies Stage 2 – Ardennes, Belgium. Heading into the forests!
  14. Lionheart Stage 1 – The Grossglockner, Austria. A beast to climb!
  15. UnderDownunder – East Coast, Tasmania. Beautiful beaches everywhere.
  16. Lionheart Stage 1 – Styria, Austria. Beautiful remote riding.
  17. Hannibal Stage 2 – The Alps, France. Heading into the mountain range.
  18. Hannibal Stage 3 – Piedmont, Italy. The ridgelines of the Langhe are spectacular.
  19. Venetians – Cres, Croatia. Island riding fun.
  20. Venetians – Korcula, Croatia. Beautiful water, great riding.
  21. Hannibal Stage 2 – The Alps, France. Climbing Col Agnel.
  22. Allies Stage 2 – Trier, Germany. Heading out towards the Rhine.
  23. Othello Stage 1 – Dades Valley, Morocco. Just too good to not have another shot!
  24. Che Stage 2 – The Seven Lakes Road, Argentina. Magic riding.