The Odyssey – Istanbul to Ithaca


What is in a name? Our Odyssey, the original Odyssey.

From the soaring Byzantine dome of the Aya Sofya in Istanbul, across the glittering island studded Mediterranean, to Odysseus´ home Ithaca in the Ionian Islands. 'The Odyssey' is true to its origins (besides its 10 year duration!) and the modern day definition of the word. Stage 1 starts in continent spanning Istanbul. From this city of cities we depart via the Bosphurus south towards Troy, the historic and legendary starting point for Odysseus' famed journey home. Turkey is heralded for its beautiful coastlines and rugged interior, the cycling tour of Turkey (the riders favourite UCI World event) is known for the same spectacular scenery. Taking in Gallipoli and Ephesus our historical journey spans the ages, then head towards Bodrum down the Lycian Way into the Turkish Riviera, also popularly known as the Turquoise Coast. We finish our Turkish adventure on the stunning Teke Peninsula which shows this country off at its most staggeringly beautiful - sweeping sandy beaches hugging a coastline gently caressed by jade waters, backed by forest-blanketed slopes dotted with ancient settlements. Scenery doesn't get much better!

Stage 2 is an island hopping adventure taking in the very best of Greek Island living. From the Dodecanese, Cyclades, Crete and into Athens this is a magical time on bike and boat! We start on Rhodes, which abounds in beaches, wooded valleys and ancient history. After circumnavigating the isle we hop, skip and ride through the Dodecanese rolling on our bikes along ancient pathways, never for long without a view of the azure Mediterranean waters. To the Cyclades we cross Naxos, Delos and Santorini then down to the biggest island - and arguably the most beautiful of them all - Crete. Crete is spectacular - historic cities, rugged rolling hills, stunning waters as usual and some of the best archaeological sites anywhere in Greece. From Heraklion we roll into the hinterland via gems such as Knossos, Zeus's home at Mount Ida and the Samaria Gorge to Venetian Chania, where we fast ferry to the modern and ancient capital of Greece, Athens.

In Stage 3 we will be exploring mainland Greece for the first 10 days, but don't worry, we will board a boat again as we finish with the irresistible Ionian Islands - famous for their cycling pedigree, history and beauty! Although one of our favourite cities for its amazing history, we are glad to mount our bikes and depart Athens heading north into Sterea Eliada, with magnificent archaeology at Delphi and the pass of Thermopylae. Skirting the beautiful Pelion Peninsula, our target in the Pierian Mountains is the home of the ancient gods, Mount Olympus, and what better mountain to conquer on our modern day Odyssey! We descend from the clouds to weave between the hugely impressive huge rock pillars of Meteora, which are surmounted by monasteries. To the Ionian Islands we ride - first Kefalonia, which has its very own Mont Ventoux called Mount Einos! This island is hard to beat for cycling, even considering where we have come from. After circumnavigating our penultimate isle we then head to Odysseus' 3000 year old home Ithaca where we celebrate completing our modern day Odyssey.

'The Odyssey' 2022 is Sold Out

As with all our new Odysseys, this tour was open for bookings 2 years prior to departure on the 1st January 2021. It sold out twice in 48 hours. The next available edition of 'The Odyssey' is in 2023.



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Leader and Designer Sam Wood

Bike Odyssey Founder Sam Wood started his Classical Archaeology career in Greece and Turkey over 20 years ago! Excavating in Cyprus and Alonissos, conserving in Pergamum, this part of the Mediterranean was his home. Returning to build 'The Odyssey' is a dream come true.

The Journey
Stage 1- Istanbul to Rhodes

  • Istanbul - built on two continents, divided by the Bosphorus, a melting pot of many civilisations both Eastern and Western and certainly one of the greatest cities in the world
  • UNESCO World Heritage Ruins. From Troy where it all began both with its physical remains and for its Homeric literary links to Ephesus, one of the greatest classical cities of the ancient world
  • Turkey - a succession of historical figures and empires – including the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans have all left their indelible mark on this ancient country
  • The Turkish delights of the Turquoise Coast. The water is a surreal electric blue, teal and green, the beaches white and underpopulated. Rolling between historic villages for coffees, baklava and apple teas is immensely pleasurable! It will be hard to board the boat for Rhodes (not really!)
  • Bodrum is a lively and friendly city and also the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus which houses one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (built circa 353 BCE)
Stage 2 - Rhodes to Athens

  • Island hopping on our very own luxury yacht through the Dodecanese Islands. For 5 nights we will call the yacht home. We will sail from port to port, riding on and off and exploring one of the most beautiful archipelagoes in the world
  • The largest and historically most fascinating of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes abounds in both beaches and wooded valleys, and is perfect for cycling and ancient history
  • Naxos - the biggest and lushest island in the Cyclades, Naxos. With mountains, fertile valleys & gorges, and a stunning ocean view at every turn you would think this would be overpopulated. But a genuinely local population inhabit traditional villages perched high on mountain tops - perfect cycle exploration territory!
  • Delos - on offer on our rest day in the Cyclades is a day trip to this epic place in history. With its ancient sanctuary to the god Apollo, Delos was an important religious centre in the Archaic and Classical periods (4-6th century B.C.E). Since the 7th century the island has been uninhabited and due to this the entire isle is considered an archaeological site
  • Famous Santorini - there are few locations that combine stunning beaches, beautiful scenery, ancient cities, amazing food & wine and both a dormant and active volcano!
  • Crete - splendid roads, gorges (Samaria) to wind our way through, mountains to climb and dreamy villages to explore, Crete is epic and that is only the cycling aspect! It is also surrounded by breathtaking beaches, covered in ancient treasures and the Venetian influenced cities and food are magnificent
  • My personal favourite city in the world - Athens! Hectic, noisy and sometimes maddening, Athens is where democracy was born. The history here, with the Acropolis dominating the city, is entwined in everything of our society today and Athenians are hugely proud of their ancestry. A magic place to explore and experience
Stage 3 - Athens to Ithaca

  • Of all Greece's archaeological sites, Ancient Delphi stands out both for archaeological remains and the museum, and for its presence of place. Another essential visit on our 1st day riding out of Athens
  • "This is Sparta!!" - yes a bad movie but an amazing historic story. Let us ride through the gorge where 2500 years ago, 300 Spartan warriors defended Greece against the 100,000 strong army of Persia
  • Formed by a mountain range which falls dramatically into the Mediterranean Ocean, the Pelion Peninsula is a verdant dreamworld, where olive groves, fruit trees and deep forests line the roads and frame the never ending views of the ocean and mountains beyond
  • Climb Mount Olympus to the seat of the ancient gods! This is our Mecca for this Odyssean Bike Tour!
  • The astonishing rock formations of Meteora would be unmissable even uncrowned by Byzantine monasteries. However, perched atop giant stalagmites these medieval constructions are a site to behold. Now World Heritage listed this site is breathtaking
  • An enduring theme of this Odyssey is spectacular island riding - views, villages, quiet roads and quintessential Greek life - Kefalonia is our last and maybe best taste of this!
  • A dream come true for some (well me anyway!) but an Odyssean return to Ithaca where we ride to the Palace where Argos, Odysseus´ loyal wolfhound waited. (please note our logo and this fantastic story of THIS wolfhound!) Our return will certainly not be so violent (you'll have to read The Odyssey!) but it will be dramatic as we celebrate the culmination of our epic adventure
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Tour Essentials
  • *For 5 nights through the Dodecanese Islands we will be accommodated on a Gulet (Yacht)
  • Rates are based on twin share. Single supplement = €70 EUR per night
  • For bike rental options please click here
Tour Accommodation

Fittingly on this historic Odyssey, we stay in Ottoman Palaces, Traditional Greek abodes, luxury island resorts and of course our very our luxury Yacht! Here are some places you will stay at on the tour:

Megaron Historical Hotel, Heraklion
Built in 1925 and classified as a monument, the GDM Megaron is located in the heart of Heraklion, overlooking the old Venetian port and within walking distance of all the major sights of the city.
Built in the 1920's the Megaron is a historic, monument hotel situated in the very centre of Heraklion.
Luxury Yacht, Dodecanese Islands
Our very own luxury Turkish Gulet. For 5 nights our home as we island hop through the exceptional Dodecanese Islands.
Iria Beach Art Hotel, Naxos
Built according to traditional Cycladic architecture, this award-winning hotel enjoys a beachfront location on the spectacular Agia Anna Beach, one of Naxos’ most popular sandy beaches.
An award-winning, Cycladic styled hotel located on the beautiful Agia Anna Beach in Naxos. 
Divani Hotel, Meteora
This hotel is located at the base of the Meteora rocks.  Each room is decorated individually and has amazing views.
Food and Wine

Nestled between Asia and Europe, Turkish food is diverse and unique. It is an exotic rich fusion of flavours. Greek food is integral to their way of life - it is so much more than sustenance – it’s about culture, comfort, family and life itself.

Marco Polo Mansion, Rhodes
Location, quiet leafy rooftop, superb traditional and modern Greek food make this a favourite tour night out.
7 Thalasses - Crete
Meaning 'seven seas' in Greek, this restaurant is located in the heart of Heraklion.  It offers many interesting and unique dishes in a beautiful setting.
Acropolis Museum, Athens
The Acropolis Museum restaurant, has a spectacular reputation and amazing views of the Acropolis. It serves creative dishes based on traditional Greek recipes.
Do you fancy a massage?
Our amazing soigneurs join our tours when our numbers of riders reach 18. What could be better than a massage every few days on tour!
The History

This tour is inextricably linked to Odysseus and his intrepid journey. However, it also takes in so many great Classical and Mythological Greek sites. Odysseus' journey began after the end of the Trojan War with his famous ruse with the Trojan Horse tricking the Trojans when 10 years of vicious battle had failed. Troy fell and archaeological remains (now a UNESCO World Heritage site) tell a story of the raising of a great city around the 13th century B.C.E. which matches nicely with Homer's Iliad and Odyssey tales. Odysseus' journey does not plot with great confidence onto modern geography - Homer certainly doesn't specify locations which are easily identifiable. However, this has not stopped Homer's readers throughout the ages from trying to match his travels with real world landmarks in the Mediterranean. From modern day Tunisia to Sardinia, Mallorca, Sicily and Malta, Odysseus´10 year journey potentially covered much of the known classical Greek world. Luckily his journey by boat leaves us with a lot of flexibility to create our own Odyssey through Classical Turkey and Greece! Our Odyssey takes in this magic part of the Mediterranean's best locations for beauty, cycling and history. Our tour history will journey both through and beyond Odysseus' world, from towering temples and classical ruins dedicated to Odyssean Gods to exceptional historic towns layered for 1000s of years with epoch upon epoch of archaeology. This region of Europe is where our modern western society was born.


A great trip all around; beautiful Tasmania countryside, well organized, excellent communication, helpful leaders (Cam for President), outstanding restaurants and mostly top-quality hotels. I especially appreciate Sam driving us two hours to the airport due to our leaving the trip early. Very kind of him.
I would eliminate Hawley House next time. Our room was in the back, smelled like dogs and the mattress was so soft and uncomfortable that I opted to sleep on the floor. The food there was excellent though.
Otherwise, a challenging, gratifying and memorable trip.

George Gardner, Tasmania 2019

Amazing way to see the world with a fantastic company. I would recommend this trip to everyone

Steve Ball, Lionheart 2019

Had the best guides on the best roads, the accommodation was second to none, navigation was spot on and the food was exceptional

Scott James, Lionheart 2019

I just did the Lionheart tour. The Bike Odyssey routes, accommodation, food and history talks – all amazing. But what made the trip outstanding was that Sam and his team went the extra mile (often literally!) to keep us safe, healthy and happy.

Dean Jackson, Lionheart 2019

Fantastic trip and fantastic attention to detail from the team. Bike Odyssey sweats the details so you can just enjoy the riding, eating and the views.

Ross Ditchfield, Lionheart 2019

The best in the business – sensational, organised and professional sums up the Bike Odyssey Team. The route planning is impeccable taking in the quiet roads and stunning scenery. Every day ends in another top class and unique accommodation with tasty regional food and wine. Nothing to think about once on the trip except the all important riding your bike.

Chris Jallard, Lionheart 2019

Outstanding scenery, accommodation and food. Everything is taken care of for you, just get on your bike and enjoy the amazing scenery and excellent roads with very little traffic.
Thanks Sam and everyone at Bike Odyssey for a truly memorable holiday.

Tony Rigney, Lionheart 2019

Extremely happy. Awesome route and on-road support, fantastic accommodation and food. As good as Hannibal which was my best overseas experience to date.

John Culity, Lionheart 2019

I booked this trip in late 2018 and even before we left in July 2019 I felt in professional hands. Bike Odyssey were heavily involved from that point right through to the trip itself in helping me get organised and answering any and all questions. Nothing was too much trouble and it made for a very smooth experience. The trip itself was simply brilliant. The team were outstanding in their organisation and care for us as riders and people and we had a lot of fun together. I always felt respected and cared for and very safe on the road with the support we had. Furthermore, our bikes and gear was well cared for, the food and accomodation was amazing and the riding routes extremely well scouted and thought through. Finally, we could always take some time out if required, which was vital on a long point to point journey. Overall, I would highly recommend Bike Odyssey and look forward to hopefully enjoying another adventure with them in future years.

Mich Jones, Lionheart 2019

Hands down the best holiday I have had. Great food and accommodation, unbelievable levels of support from the Bike Odyssey team and the ability to completely unplug for large stints each day made this an epic break.

I’ll definitely be back.

Adam Somerville, Lionheart 2019

If there was an option to rate 6 star, I would!

What an experience- there is nothing I would change. From start to finish, the location, the rides, the seamless transfers of my gear each day, the fantastic group of people riding, and the brilliant guides supporting us daily.

I cannot wait to book another tour. Yes it is the only bike tour I have done, however would be pretty certain it rates as one of the best.

Michelle Ball, Lionheart 2019

I did this trip on an ebike as I am not a cyclist. It was a tough ask but the organisation by Bike Odessey made life a lot easier. Everything was done for us other than having to pedal every day. Our route was plotted, our coffee was planned and the picnic lunches set us up perfectly for the afternoon. The guides were professional and motivating. The lead guide Max has a real gift with people and inspired us every day to do more. We had our bikes expertly maintained and our bodies too with a professional massage every few days. The entire team were fantastic.

We had amazing food, saw places we would never have known about, made new and special friendships and had experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Would I travel with Bike Odessey again? I’m already planning it.

Linda Nairn, Hannibal 2019

I enjoyed my 10 days as a non-riding partner for the stage 2 on Hannibal 2019. Whilst my husband was riding through the Alps following Hannibal’s footsteps, I was hiking to a lake, enjoying a wine tasting or two and taking part in an Italian cooking lesson. We also had time to wander through local markets and enjoy the fabulous grounds of our accommodation in Castles and Villa’s in vineyards with magnificent views! The Bike Odyssey crew are welcoming, informative and friendly, they are quite flexible with the day to day plans. I have no hesitation in recommending Bike Odyssey for the non rider, although I will definitely be riding next time on an e-bike! My husband was thrilled with his ride and is already planning the next one!

Karen Cunningham, Hannibal 2019

THE trip for serious cyclists who also appreciate life après-ride.

Bike Odyssey’s Hannibal trip has it all: challenging cycling (including the most noted climbs of France and some very spiky ascents in Italy); outstanding support; fine dining; quality accommodations.

Bruce Libin, Hannibal 2019

This was a very challenging cycling trip, riding in the Pyrenees of Spain and France, the French Alps and Apennines of Italy. If you want the best cycling Europe has to offer, this is the trip to take. Bike Odyssey provided expert support and knowledge, found super accommodations and excellent cuisine(both with their picnic lunches and tremendous restaurant choices) and new friendships created made this trip an epic experience. Look forward to my next Bike Odyssey trip!

Charles Morgan, Hannibal 2019

First tour was Tassie. Had a great time. Looking forward to doing Morocco in 2021

Mark Yates, Tasmania 2019

As inexperienced cyclists we were very capably supported throughout the wonderful Che tour, an exotic, challenging and exciting experience. Wonderful arrangements, great guides and support staff, and the ability to adapt to the different needs of the riders and local situations. They were also great at helping the group gel and work well together.

bike tour review
John Davison-Mowle, Che 2018

Having toured with Sam and team on Hannibal in 2017 we signed up again for 2019 for another custom tour. The quality of the whole experience was impressive, from the route choice on the most scenic and quiet roads to the exceptional accommodation and regional food. All being done in a relaxed way made us feel we were in safe hands.

biketour review
Paul Traynor, Hannibal Custom Tour

I did the “Che” tour from Lonquimqy to Bariloche. There is no better way to see these countries and especially the Andes. The cycling routes were sufficiently challenging and the time off the bike was also spectacular. Accommodation was frequently a destination in itself. Sam, Max, Manuel and Shane were excellent guides/hosts. They set up some awesome rides so we could have the experiences. How could I forget the last grossing on mountain bikes? It was tough but the rewards of the scenery made every pedal stroke worthwhile. The 80km lakeside route culminating in the climb of Volcan Osorno was awesome and as always was rewarded with a pisco sour. Every day exposed us to the beauties and cultures of Chile and Argentina. Great people, great challenges and countries that took me to places I’d never imagined! I’ll be lining up for another tour next year.

Sarah Rawlinson, Che 2018

Everything was done exceptionally well – from the amazing route and scenery, the scrumptious picnic lunches, the fantastic accommodation and first class evening meals.The relaxed, yet organized atmosphere that Sam and Cam created among all the riders was the cherry on the cake. This was my first tour with Bike Odyssey and I give them the highest of recommendations.

David Phelan, Tasmania 2019

An excellent experience from the first enquiry to the last day of the holiday. The routes, accommodations, picnics and the support on the road were all excellent throughout the trip. The routes well thought out and the bike I hired from them was excellent.

Bike tour review
Andrew Smith, Tasmania 2019

Sam and the Bike Odyssey team exceeded our expectations on every level. Each and every day of our first European cycle adventure delivered memories of people and places that will last a lifetime. A test of mind and body, but a rich and rewarding experience that has whet the appetite for more of the same. We’ll be back.

Michael and Louise Clifton, Lionheart 2018

Without a doubt your guides (and Sam is included), are the best I’ve had on any tour, and I’ve ridden more tours than I can count across the US, Europe and South America. Great personalities and extremely helpful. Also very accommodating to personal preferences (bananas and Cokes!). This is what will keep me coming back to Odyssey tours. Also extremely important – your willingness to let riders leave whenever they want in the morning and have the bikes out and ready to ride early — before breakfast. Much appreciated.

Wayne Riley, Lionheart 2018

Organising a custom tour in a foreign country where you are not fluent in the language can be intimidating as you are always trying to consider your groups individual needs and abilities, Getting to know Sam and then working with Bike Odyssey is so refreshing in that they were able to provide a very high end experience, while feeling like it was effortless on our end. The team was always working hard in the background to make sure our customised Hannibal adventure unfolded seamlessly and going by the feedback from our group and the sign up for Lionheart it’s clear they were effective.

Sam’s approach is calm and confident and the route choice as well as accommodation was memorable. I would highly recommend engaging Bike Odyssey as your choice.

Paul Traynor, Custom Tour 2017

Eastern Explorer Excellence!! We had such a fantastic two week custom tour with Bike Odyssey. 9 friends from Adelaide, of varying abilities, embarked on an epic 1,400kms from Görlitz on the German/Polish border, all through Poland, with a rest day in Gdańsk, ending in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The organisation of the trip was perfect, Max and Francesca our tour leaders could not have done more for us. Great hotels, wonderful food, and great technical help from Frannie who made us all into Hammerhead converts and experts within no time at all! No more dodgy paper maps and getting lost, Hammerheads are the way forward! Literally!

Thanks Bike Odyssey for a brilliant tour, we look forward to the next one!

Hannah Schultz, Custom Tour 2018

Well, what can I say other than brilliant! Hannibal 2017 was 16 days of brilliant riding, excellent accommodation and the guides were just second to none. Sam, Max and the team are committed to ensuring that you have the trip of a lifetime, to which I did. I would recommend bike odyssey as the best cycling company to take you on an adventure through Europe and beyond! Do it!!!… won’t regret a single minute. Thanks Sam and team for a wonderful trip!

Amanda Copp, Hannibal 2017

The cycling routes, guides, food, wine and accommodation were all great. Such a memorable trip. I highly recommend bike odyssey

Sarah Armstrong, Hannibal 2017

Awesome Guides, fantastic accommodation, best riding ever. If you ride a bike book a holiday with these guys, you won’t regret it.

Peter Rau, Tasmania, 2019

Thank you Max for being such an excellent guide during our Hannibal Tour. Your infectious enthusiasm was invaluable and the way you supported the whole group throughout each day was fabulous. I felt very safe with you as our tour leader during the first few days and appreciate your motivating and fun loving personality from the beginning to the end of the trip. And last but not least, your Spanish mints (with accompanying jingle) each morning were vital to a good start to the day.

Megan Rigney, Hannibal 2017

I felt that all the guides and their contributions were extraordinary all went over and above to ensure that we were in the right place, their individual and team contributions were excellent as was their personal skill sets all were able to walk the talk with no trouble.

Martyn Smith, Hannibal 2017

The guides were amazing…..excellent in fact. Particular mention has to go to Mark. He is as solid and reliable and friendly as you could ever wish for. Nothing was too much for him – even with a stinking cold towards the end, he was ever present and friendly. The image of him at the top of Col Agnel in gale force words and horizontal rain, packing bikes into the trailer will stay with me for a long time.
The other guides were all excellent and genuinely could not do enough. They made the trip very easy and all we had to do was concentrate on riding our bikes.

Pat Marshall, Hannibal 2017

I was captivated from the first by the notion of historically themed epic cycling journeys, but I had no idea about the level of real support that Sam and his team was going to provide. Our journey was certainly epic in every way; the daily distances stretched me physically and we were unlucky to cop some really wet weather during the first weeks of the tour. The support really amazed me. There were days when we arrived at our destination soaked and nearly done in, but our bikes were whisked away for clean up and we were met with enthusiastic congratulations from the team and snacks and drinks for an immediate pick-me-up. This was always followed by utter relaxation in wonderful accommodation and great food. On the ride itself, the bike guides were a revelation to me. The last part of the climb to the Gotthardt was looking a bit grim until a smiling face appeared at my side and suggested a pause for a photo opportunity might just let me catch my breath. Despite being the last rider at the col who wanted to make the cold descent in the mist, companion riders and guides all encouraged me to go for it.

Dianne Batten, Lionheart 2018

Despite having had a “one in a century event” as far as the amount of rainfall is concerned (there have been record floods in this part of the world), and precipitation for 5 out of the past 6 days, everyone is still in good spirits and, if anything, the sense of a group identity is stronger than ever. This in itself is a fine testament to both Sam’s organisation and the great team he has put together to support us. And the service in making sure all our bikes are cleaned up, re-lubed, and with gears tuned each morning – often in the rain – through these days of inclement weather has been magnificent. Through it all, Sam has remained totally unfazed and this has helped us all through. With the fantastically conceived historical nature of this trip, the brilliant route and wonderful accommodation as well – not to mention Sam’s excellent historical interpretations – it’s hard to imagine a more interesting, rewarding and challenging tour.

Doug Bruce, Lionheart 2018

As a 65 yr old with 2 metal hips, I joined Sam’s very first Hannibal tour, with some appreciable trepidation. But any misgivings I might have entertained dissipated quickly. Stunning views, friendly and ever helpful guides, scrumptious local fare and excellent accommodation more than compensated for the fading grumblings of an initially reluctant body. By the 3rd day all fatigue was forgotten as I made friends with riders from very different backgrounds, learnt some useful lingo and soaked up sights, smells and history of a most interesting part of the World.

Bob Hofman, Hannibal 2016

Sam did a faultless job running the tour from the hotels to the food, the support, the hire bikes and the incredible history of Hannibal along the way, I cannot imagine how it could have been executed any better. The guides were professional, dedicated, friendly and supportive. Their experience shone through and is their greatest asset.
I already have my next epic tour planned, and it wont be the last.

Jason Langer

The Hannibal Expedition has been the major riding highlight of my 20-year riding career. The scenery, food wine and accommodation were something I have no hesitation in recommending. For me, the greatest plus was achieving the challenge the Hannibal Expedition’s thoughtfully crafted route provides. Plenty of personal challenge, in beautiful and historic countries, with almost no traffic. What more could you ask for.

Stephen Seymour

The guides? What a team! On and off the bike the guys could not have been better. Their focus was on ensuring that everyone was safe and enjoying themselves. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. They handled sometimes difficult situations , with grace, and good humour. And as an added bonus Mark and Dirk’s photography is simply stunning. So I’ve done 2 epic trips now, thoroughly indulged and enjoyed myself both times.

Sharon Watson

Max, Sam and Mark, what a trip! The finest food and wine from France, the best roads of Germany, Polish castles, new age Baltic states, and behind the romance of Russia. We did more than follow Napoleon’s footsteps, we opened up a new world. My life is enriched because of the 2015 Napoleon tour.

James Sulzburger

Sam, a fan​tastic tour for the adventurous with the usual epic adventure standards – well researched, great accommodation and meals and the best of guides and support. This tour has a variety of landscapes, terrain, cultures and is filled with history both ancient and modern.  There wasn’t a day when I thought I’d prefer to be somewhere else.

Kay Jacob

Sam, Max, and Mark, thanks guys, in your role as tour operators and guides your professionalism, work rate, attention to detail and commitment was second to none.



Gary Powell

Sam, your team did a magnificent job in the planning & executing of this tour – the castles, chateaux, monasteries & mansions we stayed in were amazing ( who could forget Ziggy?)!

Ruth Kerr

What an amazing holiday! You can eat and drink as much as you like and you still go home fitter and trimmer than when you left! Wait till Woman’s Weekly or Cosmo hear about this holiday! You guys’ll be booked solid till early retirement. This was undoubtedly the best long weekend of my life so far. I’ll be back next year for at the very least a full stage, if not more! My legs look forward to cashing this cheque which my hand is currently writing!

Will Wetherall

The guides on the Hannibal Expedition were excellent. They are excellent organisers, who think ahead, and are always looking to make the best possible experience for the riders, whether this be making sure the bikes are in top condition, or the picnics lunch is in “the spot”, or the evening meal is an experience to remember. The guides are happy to answer to questions on the route, and change things as weather or circumstance require. Sam’s historical knowledge and has willingness to share this knowledge really added to the trip.
I am very much looking forward to riding with them again.

Stephen Seymour

This was by far the most fun I have had on a bike. It was a pretty stern physical test for me, and thus perfect. I eyed off the van once or twice but never had to get in it. Lovely places and lovely routes that you would never find by yourself, and all fully supported.

Ted Robinson

Hannibal Barca, the wily Carthaginian General, was a fine strategist and leader. His attempt to conquer Rome by taking war elephants across the Alps was a real feat. If you wish to ride across the Alps, in fine style, without the support of war elephants, then you should sign up for this tour. They are great operators and their tour is first class.

Roddy Johnson

It is a rare thing to experience something that changes your perspective on life permanently, even more rare when that something is a choice, and not a challenge that life has forced upon you.
The Hannibal Tour did just that, it changed my perspective on life. I started the tour with very high expectations, to see the best of Europe, to make friends, to challenge myself physically. What it achieved was well beyond this. The Hannibal Tour covered some of the most extraordinary landscape I will ever see, including times when I truly was on top of the world. Meeting the physical challenge of 26 days of cycling when I have never in my life before been a cyclist has left me with an incredible belief that anything is possible in life. I have made lifelong friends from across the globe. On this tour, I felt more alive than I had since I was a kid. We all laughed hard, ate and drank like kings, and at the top of the Alps I cried with joy. And all this, from the seat of a bicycle.

Jason Langer

Sam had obviously put a lot of time and effort into researching and organising the Hannibal Epic. The detail in the planning is obvious from the start and resulted in a magnificent experience every day. The hotels, restaurants, routes, lunch stops including several picnics, coffee breaks and extras such as wine tastings and farmhouse meals were superb. An added feature of their tours is the historical aspect which was regularly explained to us in regard to our location. I feel very lucky to have found this tour and to have been able to participate as it was challenging, unforgettable and a great opportunity to meet other like minded cyclists and create new friendships. It was hard coming home after such a unique experience. Thank you Sam.

Kay Jacob

To go on a trip that has congruency with the challenge of the ride -the epic and the history, gastronomy, the culture, the landscapes and to provide such intelligent support is amazing . I loved it, felt challenged, gave myself to the whole experience and have no criticisms, just grateful for a marvellous trip.

Bernadette Redfern

The 25 days I spent on the road with Sam was the best month I have had in my life. To be able to travel through Spain, France and Italy, and to see, do, eat and enjoy so much, was a real privilege. Sam eliminates any stress that may come with such a huge undertaking. Really, all you have to do is keep pedalling and not lose control of your bike when you pinch yourself to check you are not actually dreaming.

Felix Lowe
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Some Light Reading
Funny, insightful and a great read, a perfect book to read as we wind our way down the Turkish coast.
HOmer Odyssey
Our inspiration and one of the oldest and most famous works of Western literature, this ancient Greek poem follows Odysseus' journey home after the Trojan War.
Reowned author Margaret Atwood has reworked the The Odyssey and tells it from the different perspective of Penelope and the hanged maids.
My family and other animals bike tour
This charming, autobiographical story tells of Gerald Durrell's early life with his family in Corfu in the 1930's.
This story of the Trojan War is both very moving and beautifully told. It's an excellent dramatic interpretation.
An excellent readable introduction to classical Greek culture - Plato, Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Athenians and Spartans - essential background!