Hannibal Col Agnel training plan

Training for a Bike Odyssey

We will support you to ride any speed you like and with our days being broken up with relaxed coffees and picnic lunches there are no expectations to ride at a certain speed, nor ride as a group. However, what is usually most taxing for riders is spending extended time sitting on the bicycle. Therefore, the more you can prepare your body for that the better. So the key thing is to ride consistently to prepare for your Odyssey.

Our 2020 Odysseys, all in one video

As when we set out with Bike Odyssey, our focus remains the same – quality over quantity. We don’t have ambition to be a huge company which runs hundreds of tours a year – our aim is to run a limited amount of high quality Odysseys. So, a maximum of 5 Odysseys a year which we will run exceptionally is our modus operandi. 

Hannibal and Spain’s premier aperitif!

Often on tour riders take a liking to an aperitif which becomes connected indelibly with the journey. In the past this has been an Aperol Spritz or in South America the Pisco Sour…now Hannibal has its very own historically linked drink – I can’t believe I never found it before! Great researching Joanna Wakefield and Jose Sanchez! Licor 43 and the historical story of the drink’s origins, supposedly go like this….