A guide’s view on tour in Morocco

From Isabel, post Othello 2023……

“I have just returned from this Odyssey and I can tell you firsthand how utterly incredible this journey was. 6 weeks post their earthquake, we had our local guides scout the roads, check all our hotels for water and sanitation, and talk to the local people – the overwhelming response was to please still come – they needed our custom more than ever.

With the group, we decided to still embark on this adventure. My goodness, were we glad we did! It turned out to be the absolute Odyssey of our lives……thus far!

All other tour operators seemed to cancel their departures – we didn’t see any others there. It was a rollercoaster of emotions – the spectacular scenery and divine people, against the utter devastation the earthquake had wreaked on so many of the tiny villages we rode through in the Atlas Mountains.

Despite living and schooling in tents, having lost sometimes half the population of their villages, having army trucks bringing their water by truck and being fed out of World Kitchen trucks, the kids ran onto the streets as they saw us coming to high-five us, wave and cheer us on. The adults were busy rebuilding and still coming to work at hotels and restaurants we were at so very thankful for us keeping at least an income in their shredded lives. It was a truly both heart-wrenching and heart-warming journey all at the same time.

There is nothing like a bit of third world/developing country mixed with a natural disaster to bring one back to earth and realise most things we worry about in our everyday lives are just “first world problems”.

Being there and helping support these gorgeous people was a treat in itself, let alone cycling such an incredible route. If you want a trip to satisfy your cycling as well as your altruistic needs in 2024, our Othello Odyssey is the trip for you. The contrast between Morocco and mainland Europe highlights this contrast of seemingly worlds, not just continents. I guarantee you will love this Odyssey.

We had a group of 20 just ride Othello and everyone thought it was absolutely the trip of their lives.”

Come join Bruno and Enrico in 2024 or 2025 to support Morocco and experience cycling adventure at its best!

Hear more about our ongoing support in our next newsletter as we announce our direct donations to the local communities.

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