On the road with The Odyssey

Get the full story on The Odyssey – Istanbul to Ithaca written from the deck of our 32m gulet yacht the Ali Candan (the one in the foreground of the cover shot)!

Our riders sleep in our two luxury gulets (the cover shot). This morning we disembarked (pic below) and rode the epic climbs of Kalymnos Island (pics below – spot our gulets in the docks!) – with views over the Aegean, beautiful villages and monasteries on the top of every hill (next 3 pics below). After rolling back into the port, our lunch was ready on deck and as we showered and sat to eat another feast, prepared by our onboard chefs (also below!), our gulets pulled out to cross the Aegean Sea to Kos for tomorrow’s riding. On the way of course, we stopped off a remote island for a swim and refresh in the beautiful deep blue sea (pic above!)

The Odyssey is a genuine adventure – We have come from Turkey having spent a week riding down the coast visiting sites from Gallipoli to Ephesus, eating like kings and queens every meal and exploring the rugged mountains and backroads that make Turkey so unique…and in 3 days times we will be in Athens and then riding out across the Corinthian Canal down into the Peloponnese to Epidaurus, Nemea, Mycenae. Then via private speedboats across the gulf to Delphi where we pause for a rest before riding on and across the spectacular Ionian Islands and to Odysseus’ home Ithaka!

Travelling from arguably one of the most complex and fascinating cities in the world, Istanbul, on a homeward voyage to Ithaka is more than just a bike adventure, it is a genuine personal odyssey rolling through history, mythology and modern times.



Please email us to get all the details. Note this tour is sold out this year and in Spring 2024, there are openings Fall 2024 and beyond.