Curious about what happens on an Odyssey?

Get the full story on Othello – Marrakesh to Porto Odyssey as today our riders head out of the Sahara desert and into the Atlas Mountains!


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On the road with Othello….

Our riders now sleep at the base of the Atlas Mountains in their hotel Xaluca Dades (below left). Yesterday they rode the Todgha Gorge (below right!) The day before they came from Glamping in the Sahara Desert, listening to Berber musicians and riding camels! (More below!) This morning they will take on the Dades Gorge (cover picture), Morocco’s most famous cycling road – note the cyclists taking pictures on the left at the top of their brilliant achievement!

Our Othello Odyssey is a genuine adventure and this doesn’t stop in Morocco. In less than a week this great crew will be riding the Sierra Nevada in Spain, enjoying perfect roads and tiny white-washed villages, tapas and vino tinto – then only 10 days later they will be in the lush Alentejo of Portugal, skimming past Roman ruins and vineyards, sleeping in wine barrels (literally the rooms are made from barrels!) and tasting the world’s finest ports! Again pics below…….

Traveling on Othello from Africa to Europe is more than just a bike adventure, it is a genuine world experience. You see how people live on both sides of the Mediterranean – so very real from the bike seat – Developing Nations to Western Europe – the extremes of wealth, landscapes and cultures in one glorious and challenging journey of both the body and mind!

Our current Othello crew will leave Morocco and head to Spain on March 23. Why is this date significant? It is the start of Ramadan. We have all respect for this month of fasting, prayer and reflection for Muslims. But, from a cyclist’s view, safety is first and we would prefer to be on the roads when they are safest – when all the drivers are well-fed! Our attention to detail is what Bike Odyssey is known for!