Bike Tour Technology – The Hammerhead Karoo.

The Hammerhead Karoo – Bike Tour GPS Technology

Bike tour technology

We are always looking to step up any aspect of our Bike tours. One thing I have been looking for many years is an exceptional GPS device and I think I have found it….

Pretty soon we are taking delivery of a couple of Hammerhead Karoos for testing. If they deliver as much as they promise they will be standard for all guests on all our bike tours from 2018.

There are many issues which we have dealt with touring with GPS units. They can be hard to read and see(especially for older guests) have bad battery life, not be user-friendly and generally just act like devices from the distant past – poor touch, visibility, responsiveness and regular crashes etc…

Karoo I believe have got it right. They use smartphone technology so the Karoo acts like your iphone – fast, responsive and nice to look at. They have non-reflective glass so you can see them in all conditions, they work in the rain (watch the video below it is impressive!) and one of my favourites they are trackable. Some other GPSs do this through linking to your phone, however this is done directly with the device – I can’t wait to get a map up and see where all the guests are on tour! That is of course only possible during the rides when you have your device with you!

I am looking forward to testing them, I just want a GPS which does the job perfectly for cycle touring with groups and I am hopeful Hammerhead have got it right!