Supporting Morocco on tour

Tomorrow our riders start their odyssey in Marrakesh riding out of the souks towards the Atlas Mountains…

Over the last 6 weeks, since the Morocco earthquake, we have been in continual contact with our local suppliers – our local team led by Abdu, our hotels and restaurants across the Atlas and into the Sahara and our guides across the country. Everyone we spoke to said please come, don’t hold back from Morocco due to the earthquakes – and we understand this – tourism is their lifeblood. We are lucky that we know all our suppliers are ok but when we are on the road we will, no doubt, see earthquake damage. But we also know we will see rebuilding and hope for the local people.

We and all our riders want to help and all advice from Morocco says financial donations are the best way.

Therefore, we have decided to donate 50% of the tour profits to Moroccan charities.

Which charities? Well this is for our Othello Odyssey group to decide. We have no doubt they will see charities working to rebuild the country and it will be their choice whom we support.

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