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We run exceptional tours and there are a plethora of companies around the world that hire exceptional bikes. So we stick to our tour expertise and rather than own a tired fleet of bikes, we engage with the pick of these companies to provide you with the best options possible. Therefore if you choose to hire a bike from us, this ensures you have the latest models and finest brands in the business.

We have an amazing array of bike choices - Pinarello, Trek, Cannondale and Specialized. From The Dogma F12 Dura-Ace Di2 to the Trek Sl5 105. From electric road for speed to electric touring for comfort. We offer all levels of bike from Shimano Dura-Ace to 105 to have all the options covered.

When considering electric bikes, there are some variables which you need to be aware of. The road style e-bikes (Pinarello Nytro, Specialized Creo, Trek LT+, Cannondale Neo) all have smaller less powerful batteries, they will assist you a lot but they won't 'drive' you up the hill. If you use their batteries non-stop on full, they will be empty by the end of one Mont Ventoux (1500m of climbing in 21km!). On the flip side, they ride like a road bike are lightish (14kg rather than 20kg) and are comfortable to ride on the flats and downhill without power assistance. This is how they are best ridden - like a road bike with power only when needed on hills. Ride them like this they are fantastic and a joy, if you use power all the time, you will soon be flat and relying solely on your legs which is possible, but it is nice to have the power when you need it!
The second type of touring e-bikes on the other hand work a little differently (Trek Allant and Lapiere Explorer). These are heavier more powerful ebikes. These will drive you up the hill, they have the power to do a couple of Mont Ventouxs! However, when their battery is dead, they are very heavy to ride and not much fun. In almost all cases, this means once the battery is gone, the rider will jump in the van. How long the battery lasts is completely down to how heavily it is used. If you use it on maximum power (all e-bikes generally have 3 power settings), you will struggle to last big days in the mountains (1500m + elevation days). However if managed a little (low for flat, high power for hills) they will last all day no trouble. Elevation and climbing use batteries fastest as does putting them on maximum power!  So with these bikes, the choice is yours. Smash some hills on maximum power, fly past the other riders up the hills, then jump in the van. Or, temper your use and learn a little when you can get away with less power and make your way through full days.
Some of these bikes can get spare batteries or range extenders, however, they are not always available and they are not especially cheap. If you are interested please let us know.

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If you have questions or special requests please email Sam at [email protected]