Epic Reading For Epic Cycle Touring

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A Guide To Bike Odyssey Cycle Tours Bike Odyssey specializes in adventurous cycle tours complete with atmospheric resting places and gourmet food. The inspiration for our journeys is often the big history makers. So here’s a quick book list to help you enjoy the historical aspect of the cycle tours. Start your prep reading now […]


Bike Odyssey Origins

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The Origin Of Bike Odyssey Where did it all begin? I think it’s fair to say that Bike Odyssey mastermind Sam Wood’s original inspiration for his bicycle touring company came in the mid-1980s. During those important formative years the seeds that would create this epic history based cycling adventure extravaganza were sown. I should know, […]


Tour history and The Eagle’s Nest….

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On our bike tours, we love history, food and a good aperitif and we certainly have our tour ‘themes’. However, as with so many parts of the world,   there is so much depth in the history as you travel through these amazing territories. One of our riders (thanks, Tony!) said to me that he had […]

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Hannibal Bike Tour History – Crusades and riding through Cathar Country in France

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When you think of the Crusades you most often think of fanatical Catholic knights charging off to kill non-believers. However, the truth is, they sometimes didn’t go far to begin their killing! Carcassonne was the target of an internal Crusade in the early 13th century to eliminate Catharism, an offshoot of the Catholic religion. Catharism, as they go, had some positive outlooks and was fairly harmless – woman were seen as equals, they believed in reincarnation and somewhat surprisingly they were pescatarian or vegetarians!