On Hannibal's Trail

In 2010 Sam, Ben and Danny Wood made 'On Hannibal's Trail' for the BBC. It is a cycling history travelogue riding on the trail of Hannibal, the warrior who marched from Spain to Rome at the head of an invading army. It was picked up by National Geographic and Viasat and ended up being shown in over 70 countries worldwide, yikes! The following year we were asked to ride 'On Napoleon's Trail' from Paris to Moscow but....then came children! Since then the brothers have had 6 children between them, so priorities changed - for the good of course!

However, now that the children are growing up (and creativity is seeping back to fill the brain instead of sleeplessness fog!) new projects are looming just over the horizon.  The exceptional landscape of Patagonia awaits this October for a brief foray back into the cinematography world and new partners are lining up to be part of this project (They don't know what they are getting themselves into!) Stay tuned to watch how the making of Che tour in South America unfolds over the coming months. In the meantime, see the snippet below to see what I created the Hannibal tour from and why I was so enthused to make it accesable to everyone. Come and join me on Hannibal!

This is the BBC trailer after only episode 2. Let me know if you you want to watch the whole 6 1/2 hour episodes (That is six 30 minute episodes, not 6 and a half hours luckily!) -


The Patagonia Project

Bike Odyssey has a new documentary in mind.......Project Patagonia. In this coming October we will be in South America, cycling, photographing, exploring and filming. No doubt it will finalise the route for our most adventurous epic adventure yet, but will it also provide a trailer for another documentary? We will keep you updated.......