Bike Odyssey Historians on tour in 2020

Sam Wood

Archaeologist, TV Presenter and Long Distance Cyclist

Bike Odyssey founder Sam Wood comes from a very different background to most bike tour operators. From cycling for the BBC to directing archaeological excavations around the world he brings a unique angle to Bike Odyssey’s touring portfolio.

Ride with Sam on Hannibal – Barcelona to Rome or Othello – Marrakech to Porto

Ben Kane

Best Selling Author

Ben Kane is a novelist, specialising in historical fiction. He is best known for The Forgotten Legion, Spartacus and Hannibal book series. Six of these have been Sunday Times bestsellers, and his books have been published in more than ten countries. Ben rides on Lionheart – Venice to Paris and Hannibal – Barcelona to Rome.

Sam Willis

Historian, Archaeologist & Broadcaster

Dr Sam Willis is an award-winning historian, archaeologist and broadcaster. Sam has made ten TV series for the BBC and National Geographic, is the author of more than fifteen books and the presenter of the chart-topping podcast and live show ‘Histories of the Unexpected’.
Ride with Sam on Venetians – Venice to Dubrovnik