Our 2020 Odysseys, all in one video

As when we set out with Bike Odyssey, our focus remains the same – quality over quantity. We don’t have ambition to be a huge company which runs hundreds of tours a year – our aim is to run a limited amount of high quality Odysseys. So, a maximum of 5 Odysseys a year which we will run exceptionally is our modus operandi. It gives us time to research our new trips we offer over a period of 2 years, gaining maximum knowledge, planning, scouting, pre touring and organisation, to ensure the inaugural trip is not a test ride but a finely executed adventure of a lifetime for you. We were asked to do a custom Othello – Marrakesh to Porto trip next year which we refused on the above points so we are serious about this! In 2021 this Morocco/Spain/Portugal Odyssey will run its inaugural trip and be utterly brilliant. Because we plan like this, we know what we are doing 2 years ahead. So 2020 has 5 Bike Tours – watch them all in just over a minute below: