Bike Odyssey visits Cradle Mountain

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Cradle Mountain is emblematic of what is special about Tasmania. It features beautiful temperate rainforest, glistening mountain lakes, unique flora and endearing fauna. It is much loved by all Tasmanians and is protected within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. “Cradle” is one of the unmissable stops on our epic bike tour around the island […]


Clash of Empires – Ben Kane

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Congratulations Ben Kane on your new book Clash of Empires and thanks for the copy and the dedication, I am looking forward to reading it! Ben will be joining our Venetians – Venice to Dubrovnik tour this October. Some of the action in this, his latest book, takes place in Croatia so we are very much looking […]

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Hannibal Bike Tour History – Crusades and riding through Cathar Country in France

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When you think of the Crusades you most often think of fanatical Catholic knights charging off to kill non-believers. However, the truth is, they sometimes didn’t go far to begin their killing! Carcassonne was the target of an internal Crusade in the early 13th century to eliminate Catharism, an offshoot of the Catholic religion. Catharism, as they go, had some positive outlooks and was fairly harmless – woman were seen as equals, they believed in reincarnation and somewhat surprisingly they were pescatarian or vegetarians!