Join Ben Kane  historian and best selling author on Lionheart 2020!

Ben’s new action packed novel ‘Lionheart’, will be on the shelves May 2020 and in June he will be riding with us on the bike tour of the same name!

This will be Ben’s 17th novel, many of which have been Sunday Times bestsellers! Ben has guided with us on the Hannibal and Venetians / Marco Polo Cycling tours but this is the first time the release of one of his epic books has coincided so perfectly with him joining us on a journey. His historical passion brings a fantastic element to any of our Odysseys but to ride with him as his new novel is launched will be epic! Needless to say, his book will be in everyone’s Lionheart musette on arrival in Venice where Richard the Lionheart shipwrecked over 800 years ago!

Join us on the Lionheart – Venice to Paris Bike Tour which departs June 2020!