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What is happening in Europe?

We all can’t wait to be back on the bike exploring the world.

For some (our US and UK riders) this will be sooner rather than later as they head off on Odyssey in just over a month’s time.

Even from lockdown in Australia, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Is life back to normal?

In short, yes almost…
Travel is happening slowly but safely. Beyond having an amazing experience on and off the bike, both your and our European team’s health and safety are our primary concerns. Our head European guide Bruno Ramain has just been guiding groups from the US in Provence and during the recent Tour de France and prior to that, he was pre-touring for our Othello Odyssey with co-guide Stephane in Morocco. From September, our Odysseys will be back on in Europe, with first Venetians and then Othello – with just US and UK guests. And we hope it is the Antipodeans’ turn next year!

Be Prepared!

Yes one of our mottos and of course the Scouts too!!
We are preparing and planning not just our Odysseys but the requirements around these for Covid, transitting countries and getting the most out of your adventures. We are here to take this stress out for you and make your trip run as smoothly as possible. Of course, we cannot make complete guarantees, but we have the essential first-hand experience of travelling/borders/customs, etc post covid! You should also plan your travel the same way, ensure that flights are flexible and refundable and have the appropriate travel insurance.

What to expect when travelling to Europe

We are always up to date with travel expectations and restrictions and these do vary across Europe. We will let you know exactly what is required for the countries you are travelling to. The key things to ensure before you travel are as follows:

  • that you were fully vaccinated at least 14 days ago or
  • that you have recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate of recovery is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab) and 
  • a negative COVID-19 (PCR) or Antigen test can be necessary prior to travel and border crossings.

What to expect when on the ground

Once you are on the ground with us, we will take care of getting these tests organised, as needed, as we transit between countries. In the days before the end of tour, we will assist you to have a test in time to have the result before you go through customs again. There can be different requirements for different countries. If for some reason, the test we have aren’t the ones recognised for this, we will get you to a test centre. These are absolutely everywhere with quick results.

As for riding, eating, exploring….well those amazing parts of travel are there and ready for you! Cycling is, in this day and age, the perfect way to travel and all you need to do is pop a mask in your back pocket for when you walk into a cafe or restaurant. Tables will be more spaced out and masks expected (whilst standing) but on the flip side there are less tourists!

We are here to support you

and not just on the bike!
We know these are uncertain times and travel is more logistical than ever but we are planning and taking care of this. Don’t let it worry you in your run up to your Odyssey, the world is genuinely back and ready to be explored on two wheels! So as well as it being an utterly incredible journey, it is made all the more sweet and adventurous for doing it post the 2 years everyone has endured!

If you have any concerns with trip cancellations, deposits and refunds please read our response to Covid and travel and our updated terms and conditions. We know that no other company even comes close.