Where is the best place to go cycle touring?

Where is the best place to go cycle touring?

In the global age, you are just a plane journey away from being in your dream destination. The world is more accessible than ever! This means that everyday people are looking new, unique and exciting ways to travel the globe. At Bike Odyssey we focus on this desire and have designed our comprehensive tours around the most sought continents and countries.

If you are considering a cycle tour for the unique experience of seeing the world on two wheels, you should consider these potential destinations: Europe and South America.


Europe’s unique geography makes it the popular destination for prospecting travellers. With a range of countries in proximity all sporting vastly different cultures, Europe appeals to those looking to visit a number of different places within a shorter time frame. The beautiful landscapes are juxtaposed with the bustling and vibrant cities in places like Spain, Italy and France (see our Hannibal tour ), Italy, Austria, Germany and France (see our Lionheart tour), or Croatia and the Dalmantion Coast (see our Venetians tour).

At Bike Odyssey, we have designed our most popular cycle tours around this common desire. Tracking some of the most famous journeys, our Hannibal, Lionheart and Venetians cycling tours follow the footsteps of the world’s most interesting historical figures.


South America

Not dissimilar to Europe in the way that vastly different nations border with one and other, the rich history and cultural experiences of South America are appealing to travellers from all walks of life. With a unique landscape littered with mountains, forests, lakes and beaches, South America is the perfect country for cycle touring, as you will be able to get up close and personal with the bona fide South America.

The cycle tour, named Che, is a new, physically enduring, rewarding and incredibly enlightening experience. Detailing the journey of revolutionary Che Guevara, the tour dissects the mountain ranges of Argentina and Chile. Due to the climb, it is a demanding cycle tour, and therefore extremely rewarding. South America’s unique landscapes and culture make this trip the perfect way to immerse yourself in the less populated areas of South America and enjoy a nearly isolated journey through two vastly different nations.

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The reason that our clients rave about these cycle tours is that the journey ticks all of the boxes. You gain an appreciation for the distance that these famed men and women travelled, while you learn about the details of their story. Our riders also get to appreciate the road less travelled during the cycling tour, allowing them to have an authentic traveller experience in these countries.

If you are a history buff, an avid rider, or just want to see a different side of these countries, one of our cycling tours will definitely have you covered.

Our bicycle tours differ hugely from one to another. With different lengths, locations, stories and experiences, there is something out there for everyone. For more information on our incredible cycle tours and what they entail, contact at [email protected].