Orange Newcrest Challenge Bike Event

The Newcrest Orange Challenge 2018

We love being part of bike events in Australia and the US.

It gives us a chance to catch up with our riders, meet new people and suppliers and also get out on the bike and ride new territory and in this case drink free beer after the ride (yes this event includes free beer and cider after the ride!) At the moment the Australian Event Season is in full swing and with so many events popping up each year, there are almost too many to choose from when looking for an event to attend or set up a stall at. However, an event we have been keeping an eye on for some time is the Newcrest Orange Challenge.

There are a glutton of reasons we are so looking forward to this event, but mostly because we love genuine country events. They are friendly, fun and have great atmosphere, especially those which take you to an area a bit off the cycling beaten track. Secondly, this event has been recommended to us by quite a few of our guests who have travelled overseas with us. Thirdly, I love a sunburnt country….and this gives you a true experience of Australian country landscapes which is great for city slickers! Having lived in and cycled a lot around country NSW, I know these sorts of roads well! If you have ridden country NSW roads you’ll know what I mean when I use the exclamation mark! However, although they can be a little rough at times they are also very quiet and allow you to see this stunning truly Aussie scenery.

So, on the 3rd/4th March, we will be heading west to set up a stall and ride some bikes. We’ve got a little team together to do some of the ride  (I may make an early excuse from manning the stall and choose the 100km!). If you fancy joining the Odyssey team, send me an email at [email protected] or alternatively come say hello at our stall in the village at the end of the ride.


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