Getting to the Lido from Venice Airport

On landing at Venice airport for our Lionheart or Venetians Bike Tours we recommend that you catch the vaporetto (ferry) directly from the airport to the Venice Lido.
This takes around 45 minutes and is a lovely ride.  This costs about 12 euros but they also charge a supplement for luggage.  You can take your luggage including bike bags but you may need to wait a bit longer. The ferry pilot will decide whether he has enough room for your luggage so if it is quiet you will be straight on, if it is busy you may have to wait for a second ferry and some ferries are designated as bike ferries so if you are lucky enough to time your arrival with one of these you will always get straight on. It is very Italian! However, the vaporetto is excellent and a lovely ride and it also drops you 500m from our first hotel the Biastutti.
The Vaporetto ride
The walk on the Lido

Please also see the following YouTube video for more information:  Getting water taxi from Venice airport and here is the 2022 timetable for the ferry.

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See you on tour!