Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Fresco Capitolinec 1510 bike tour


aka: Barca. Barka. Lightning. Thunderbolt. Son of Baal

ROLE General Commander-in-Chief of the Carthaginian army, Statesman, Scurge of Rome.

RIDE The full monty of course....Saguinto, via Barcelona (named after my family of course) to Rome, but this time lets get through the gates!

RELAX I like to spend time with my elephant Sirus, he is the last of our herd and the only survivor after the cold winters here in Italy!

REFRESHMENT  Phoenician wine of course! It is the best in the world! And of course pomegranates or as the Roman's call the punica granatum.

READ I love the Greek classics and anything mathematical. These were how I spent my youth, inbetween swearing on the altar of Baal always to be an enemy of Rome! I also love watching my favourite show BBC's On Hannibal's Trail! It is brilliant!

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