Midnight at the Oasis

On the Road – Travel Day 75km, 1,500ft el

Today we travelled just over 300km across the desert. It was an extremely interesting journey but not one you would particularly want to do by bike! We rode out in the early morning and were picked up en route – the road is long, straight and good quality and there is little traffic. For the first hour or two it was great!

Our shuttle was around 3 hours which takes us to Merzouga which sits at the base of 70m high sand dunes. The first site of these deep orange Saharan dunes rising up in front of us was genuinely unforgettable. We boarded  4WDs to be taken out to our desert camp. This is no standard camping experience! After riding camels into the dunes to see the sunset, we returned to Berber music, a feast and our luxury tents – this is glamping Moroccan style and is unique as it is exceptional!

Watch the Relive video here!: https://www.relive.cc/view/v8qVB9VrN7q
It felt like we spent midnight at an oasis.. https://youtu.be/VkRm2cRGN9s





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