Steyr-ing at Attersee, Until I Wasn’t

Watch my Relive video here!:

Through the night was lots of lightning, thunder and tons of rain. This morning it’s was still raining quite substantially.
We started very cautiously on the slippery cobbles going uphill. Check out this video clip: FullSizeRender  and this clip: FullSizeRender  and this clip FullSizeRender

The ride was 97 km and 4,265 ft climbing.

The route took us into the forests in the morning which then opened up onto the wide open fields of farm land outside Salzburg.

Check out this clip:

From there we rode south into the Salzkammergut, or the Lake District.
 Bruce didn’t like the pretzel with his cappuccino

We rode past or around 6 large lakes, lunching in Gmunden, primarily a lakeside resort town with a rich history. The Schloss Ort castle is a highlight of the town, built in 1080.

Our destination was the Hotel Seegasthof Oberndorfer in Attersee, on the shores of the large Lake Attersee.


So as I said earlier,  it was raining hard, roads were wet and very slippery, I am riding 23cc slicks….slowing down to a crawl coming downhill to an intersection, the bike went out from under me. I landed hard on my hip, elbow and a little bit on the helmet. Very difficult to walk or put any weight on my right leg which causes extreme pain in the hip area. So my bike was racked and I rode the van to coffee.

That village has a sports medicine clinic, so the doctor was nice enough to fit me in, manipulated my leg and concluded I needed an X-ray, and charged me 39 euros, cash, they don’t accept credit cards, which I thought strange. Then again, there has been a lot of strange things going on in this trip! lol.

 me waiting to be examined…
The closest hospital was in Gmunden which happened to be the lunch stop for the group.

This modern fully equipped hospital was very efficient, within an hour I was processed, X-ray taken and emerg doctor examination!…and fortunately I had the invaluable Enrico with me to act as translator.

X-ray revealed no fracture, but I will be off the bike for 3 days minimum but one of those days is a rest day.

Lots of pain killers, rest and time hopefully will get me back in the saddle. **can’t say enough about our leaders Sam and Enrico. They have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe and looked after. They drove the van in every direction, organized accommodation for those of us who had to isolate for Covid, arranged medical help, train and taxi tickets, dealt with missing luggage and bikes,  maintained our bikes…oh  and they also were guiding our cycling tour! Hat’s off to these gents!

The hotel is really nice with my room sitting right at the water’s edge,

The team had a long wet day but they quite enjoyed the challenge  and the the Waggans are back!

dinner was excellent as always, I had to go-to Austrian dish, Wiener schnitzel and of course the local Austrian wines gave great added medicine!

Sunset on the Attersee…

Although a bit of a setback, life is still good and in Attersee!

Tour Update: After tomorrow’s ride, the  Cycletooth Army will say goodbye to fellow rider Michael and the following day to Enrico. Great to have you on the team. But the Waggans will kit up tomorrow and it is expected that they will keep us close behind Richard.

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  1. Oh no Charlie! I hope you recover quickly and are back on the bike after the rest day. Thank goodness Marjolein is about to join you.

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