Riding le Doubs River…Almost Flat!

I awoke early and had a walk around this massive chateau, more than half of it is private property and the grounds have been transformed into a championship golf course.



   Marjolein checking on my hip…

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After a short descent down from the chateau and a somewhat short 6% ascent, we found le Doubs river and rode along it for about 100km on a paved bike path.

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The total ride was 117 km, 1,667 ft climbing.

We rode along the green riverbanks of a calm river, under limestone cliffs through many small villages with colourful bell towers, towpaths lined with plane trees and led brick paper mills. This bike path is part of the famous Eurovelo 6, a network of bike paths which goes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea.

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The coffee stop was  in Besancon, a vibrant small university city under the massive fortress that highlights the city.

To leave Besancon, we pedalled in a tunnel that goes through the huge rock that the fortress sits on, just for bikes and pedestrians!
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Also lots of sunflower fields along the route


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Our destination was Dole, the birthplace of Louis Pasteur.

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                      the ‘perfect egg’ appetizer

tuna cerviche

 Beef tenderloin in wine mushroom sauce

Life is good in Dole France!

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