Steyr-way to Heaven

Watch my Relive video here!:

Today after a great almost day and a half rest, we kit up for a classic ride along the Danube before climbing back up into the mountains. And to our great pleasure Jim, Dave and Chris R are back from  the  State Covid Correctional Centre. Also the arrival of Perry to Team Canuck/Cycletooth Army is great shot in the arm!

Today’s ride was 124km with 2,838 ft climbing.

Check this video clip as we climb out of Durnstein: FullSizeRender

We follow along the Danube, a river that flows through 10 countries, the most of any river in the world. Depending on where and what the weather is like, the Danube can be brown, green or even the fabled blue!

Check this video clip: FullSizeRender  and this clip: FullSizeRender

We rode mostly flat for the first 75 km on the north shore of the river…this flatlander had almost forgot what this feels like!

Watch this video clip: 21435CEF-8620-47D3-A296-77D332A115CA  and this clip: 722BBC0D-E0E3-43C2-872C-5723520E7473

coffee stop

The Danube is linked to the Rhine and Main rivers by a series of over 50 locks and it is possible to travel by water from Amsterdam to Bucharest. This is one of these locks…

We rode through many small villages, all with cobblestoned main streets. It was a beautiful day on a bright warm morning.

We then turned north after a hearty picnic lunch to get back into the hills.

Watch this video clip: 0C048815-AEA3-41E5-9D93-DFEB131B0FA0  and this clip: FullSizeRender

and this clip: FullSizeRender


We finished in Steyr, located at the junction of the Steyr and Enns rivers.

Watch this video clip: 989F6EDF-935A-48FE-A882-53A66ACD6149

It is one of the most beautiful towns on Europe, where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo architecture blend together in harmony.

But it was not easiest place to get into, lots of twists and turns and my friend the cobblestones! The clips tell the story…

Check this video clip: FullSizeRender  and this clip FullSizeRender

and this clip: FullSizeRender      and this clip: FullSizeRender

Our hotel tonight

The Lamberg Palace stands out as well as the town church, a river runs through the historic town centre. Originally known for its wealth due to iron production, Steyr became a major producer of armaments in the 20th century being known as Europe’s ‘weapon factory’. Severely damaged during World War II but the town centre survived.

Dinner was  on our own tonight so I had a nice goulash and a pilsener.

Life is good in Steyr, except for tonight’s thunder, lightning and pouring rain, hope it is clear by morning

Note: Not completely sure if this was the town that inspired the famous song or if Led Zeppelin ever visited here, but that is how legends are formed…and it is pronounced Sty-er not Stayer! But it was a ‘heavenly’ ride!

Tour Update: the Cycletooth Army was firing on all cylinders today and gained 10 seconds on Richard and Team Plantagenet!