Of Kings and Queens

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We left Eleanor’s hangout (Poitiers) this morning and the first 20 km were a little busy with traffic but after that it was nice quiet smooth tree-lined roads.

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           Hundreds of acres on sunflowers, as far as the eye can see.

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We had our last picnic lunch of the trip in Chinon, a tuna/tomato/chickpea and lettuce salad, prosciutto, cheeses and bread, fresh fruit and a strawberry tart. We sat under huge willow trees while gazing at the monstrous Chinon castle, King HenryII favourite castle and home to many of Richard’s family.

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We rode 98 km and climbed 2162 ft.

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Our destination the Abbaye Royal de Fontevraud or Fontevraud Abbey. This is the final resting place of Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor and Henry II. The Abbey has not changed much in 800 years

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Fontevraud is a UNESCO heritage site. It was founded in 1101. Richard, who died in 1199 has his body here( his heart is preserved in the city of Rouen). The Huguenots pillaged the Abbey in 1562 and scattered his remains.


Henry and Eleanor

Dinner was in the Abbey’s Michelin 2 star restaurant and it did not disappoint! The last side of the restaurant:  


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Our last ride day tomorrow.

Life is good on Fontevraud!