From Castles to Lakefront; Ludwig and Constance


Watch my Relive video here!:

We said goodbye to Ludwig II (he let us call him Wiggy)and left Neuschwanstein on a sunny crisp morning. Our hotel was fabulous, as was breakfast…the buffet was setup in 3 rooms!

      the freshest honey without getting stung!

But we are here to ride bikes hard right?…we rode 117km and 4,583 ft climbing. It was another stellar day!


Check this video clip: IMG_4705

and this clip: IMG_4706

Our route today was breathtaking, riding through southern Bavaria in the Allgau region. Picture postcard  landscapes of lush green valleys and high mountain passes. IMG_4707

Neatly kept farmhouses with overflowing brilliant flower boxes, quaint villages, snow capped alpine peaks reflecting on icy cold blue lakes are in view with the sounds of cowbells and church bells in the air.


  Check this video clip!: IMG_4710  and this clip: IMG_4708

We rode by more mountain lakes like the Grober Alpsee and finally to Obersee, aka Lake Constance.

Lake Constance is not by definition a lake, rather it is a massive widening of the Rhine river, in a gorge carved out by glaciers in the Ice Age.

Check this video clip: IMG_4711    And this clip: IMG_4712  and this one: IMG_4713


We caught our first glimpse of Constance and the small city of Lindau about 25 km from the end of our ride, high up in the mountains looking down on the vista below…it is the is

and in the distance

Our destination is Lindau with the old town where stay being on an island accessed by a causeway. The hotel resembles some of our grand train hotels and is located across the plaza from the Lindau train station.


End of the road literally and for today’s ride: 

Across the courtyard from the hotel entrance was a conveniently located biergarten for our post ride hydration…


Dinner tonight was at a restaurant, Valentin, and the food was amazing and as always, so was the wine!


  rabbit breast and couscous wrapped in cabbage leaf with zucchini flower, Black Forest cheesecake

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and massage with Marjolein, aka Wonder Woman lol


Life is good in Lindau!

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  1. Great riding Charlie! Say Hi to Marjolein. She hasn’t posted any rides on Strava but in your photos I’ve seen her on the bike.

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