Hello Rest, My Good Friend!

After a solid 5 days of riding in the Italian Dolomites, today is our first rest day, and it is here in Lienz Austria. As I  mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we rode 48km on a paved bike path, part of a huge network of bike paths that the Austrian government has built. This is to minimize cyclists on main roads, but still allow for them to commute directly to places. If we could ever do that in Ontario! However, bikes abound here, all ages ride here, most as their main mode of transportation. I filmed a little bit below (full render)


We are staying in the 4 star Straube hotel which has been owned and operated by the same family since 1860, now by the 5th generation of the Vergeiner family. The rooftop pool and spa has excellent views of the city and mountains.

It is a day to relax and sleep in, soothe the muscles, do laundry, or wander around and sightsee…but not on the bike. Our great guides Sam and Enrico check all our bikes over, minor repairs, clean and lube (in my case, new disc brake pads). Just a note to thank Dario who did an excellent job filling in for Sam the past week!

Tonight we are on our own for dinner, so a few of us are looking for a restaurant that will match the one that guides Enrico and Sam chose for us last night:

Lienz is a picturesque small city in the mountains, a tourist destination for Europeans, but a little off the radar for non-Europeans. It is in the Tyrol region of Austria, at the confluence of the Drau, Isel and Puster rivers.

A little Austrian libation to keep the muscles loose…

Weather is threatening for tomorrow with rain and thunder to roll through the mountains. Not the best forecast for tomorrow’s epic climb up the Grossglockner Pass.

Life is good in Lienz!

Tour Update: the Cycletooth Army and Team Canuck is determined to overtake the Lion and Team Plantagenet in Austria as it was never Dickie’s favourite place to ride, he’d rather be detained with a few frauleins…but our team is all business!