From Castle to Castle

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We awoke to light rain and dense fog in preparation for another huge day, 127km and 8,419 ft climbing.
Todays ride was a series of 23 climbs, some short, some long, some steep, some steeper, from 1 to 6km and 5% to 16%! The majority of the climbing today will be after lunch. I have to admit, my old legs are fatigueing and really need rest, but that is still 2 days away.

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We rolled out of the Kessegg castle and saw a series of 5 waterfalls along the way. The very remote route is called the Hochschwabstrabe.

Large trees,  bubbling rivers, wooden bridges, spectacular dams and limestone gorges gave me plenty of photo opportunities!

 A bike tunnel beside the one for vehicles

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The Rax mountain massif is 6,562 ft high was the backdrop for much of the day, this area originally populated for its forestry and mineral deposits. This area has always been a popular quiet getaway for people from Vienna and surrounding areas.

A rainy morning:


Lunch was in the village of Mariazell. Just like Admont yesterday, Mariazell has a huge cathedral and a rich 800 year religious history with many Christian pilgrims stopping as they traversed the region, over 1 million visitors a year.

After lunch the skies started to clear…

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Tonight we finished our gorgeous but arduous ride in Burg Plankenstein (no relation to Frank) to stay at the Burg Plankenstein castle, built in 1186 and improved in 1453. How cool is this!!! It was in ruins until a billionaire bought and is slowly restoring it in its original state, of course with some modern amenities. So it is a work in progress…the stone walls are 8 ft thick so Internet signals are very weak.

Got this blog out a day late when found good internet signals

Tour Update: While the Cycletooth Army has been recovering from illness and fatigue, our scouts tell us that Richard and Team Plantagenet has not gained any ore time on us….and we will have 3 teammates coming off the DL soon along with a couple of new riders….this is going to get good!