Just Another 6,000 ft Day in the Mountains

Watch my Relive video here!: https://www.relive.cc/view/vQvynRyxkKO

The Schloss Prielau Castle was a pretty cool place to spend the night, unfortunately only one night. One of our group got a suite with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! (it was originally booked for Tom, Bruce, Jim and myself, but Covid took of us out of the picture and we wanted everyone in separate rooms). So James ended ended up getting the ‘room’….we will call him King James. Below on 3 little video clips is his room:

and IMG_4458

and IMG_4459

Some photos of the hotel the Porsche  family crest 

The Ride

Varying total elevations depending on the device used. The official RidewGPS said it was 6,453 ft in just 90km, my Strava said about 5,600 ft….The way it felt today, I am going with the official number!

We had another nice rollout on a paved bike path as we entered the Zell valley, bordered by the Salzburg Slate range of mountains…we rode through a series of flat stretches.



but there were a number of expletive invoking ascents!

At about the 19km mark we had a 5 km climb of 15%…yes, 15%!! This was the start of the  Dienten Saddle.

Then another steep climb before a fast 18 km descent, some of that was at 15% as well…what a thrill!
After a nice smoked salmon and salad picnic lunch beside a village church, the rest of the day’s route was quite nice, with a more gradual 6-10% grade.