Hannibal, Us and Him

Andreas Kluth, author of, Hannibal and Me: What History’s Greatest Military Leader Can Teach Us About Success and Failure has written a fun post about On Hannibal’s Trail at his blog:


The idea of Andreas’ book is that stories about lives like Hannibal’s can offer lessons and parallels to all of us.  Andreas has been fascinated by the life of Hannibal since he was a child and finally left his job as an investment banker because of this and a feeling that his job lacked purpose. He says, Hannibal also warns us, like Einstein and Tennessee Williams and other creative people, how easy it is to let success become a prison. I mean a prison of the imagination. What made these people successful was a certain irreverence, an openness to radical ideas, a disdain for conventional wisdom. But success makes people less open to such ideas. So successful people must do some unorthodox things to stay open, creative, supple.”