Behind the Scenes

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Hi everyone  – I just thought I’d take the chance to reply to comments we have had about On Hannibal’s trail on twitter, facebook and on various blogs! Firstly thanks to everyone for comments – lots of very nice ones which are very encouraging to read! To answer a few of the questions which have […]

Hitting the Road

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The first episode of On Hannibal’s Trail that aired last Friday did okay we think.  We’re not sure how to judge this, but ‘Hitting the Road’ was watched by more than 1 million people in the UK which is about four times the viewing figures we were getting on BBCFour when the show aired for the […]


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In Episode 2 of On Hannibal’s Trail we ride through Barcelona which just happens to be where I am right now. The city is famed for it’s architecture (among other things) and one of the most unusual, and perhaps my favourite architectural feat here are the ruins of the Roman temple of Augustus that are […]

The Bodyguard

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On a long trip like this interpersonal relationships become very important and are often the cause of the most interesting bits of the journey. I imagine it might make a pretty good documentary following a crew making a documentary? A bit like the new show we are thinking of pitching to the BBC: “Entertainment Tonight […]

The Way it is Baby

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When you cycle day after day the rhythm naturally brings music to your mind.  At the beginning of the trip I tended to hum fairly epic stuff as the wheels turned – tunes from the film The Dark Knight  for example: or some of those ponderous but very catchy Michael Nyman movie sound tracks, […]

Cuirassnapper Heads

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Our journey with the film crew continued to Lake Trasimene, where as described in a previous blog, Hannibal won a major battle against the Romans….. For us it was much less dramatic – a dodgy highway hotel in Touro where we hung out our wet shoes and clothes soaked from our journey into the swamps […]

Gnochetti of the Superhero

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We were reunited once again with the film crew in Milan. Andrea is directing the final two episodes of the documentary – amongst her many attractive attributes she laughs at all our jokes – which is very rare as they aren’t ever funny. Francesco the fixer is full of concerned advice for us. His best […]