Tonight on BBC2: Crossing the Rhone & Over the Alps

So we’re back tonight on BBC2 at 1120pm in a double bill! Some of the best scenery and cycling sequences filmed by cameraman John Bretherton are in these two episodes of On Hannibal’s Trail.  There’s also a lot more story to tell about Hannibal’s expedition once we get to the Rhone river, so there’s also more history content in these episodes compared to the last two. In ‘Over the Alps’ we split up to test three of the possible pathways Hannibal and his army with elephants might have taken over the Alps.  The question of which route did Hannibal take is still a subject of heated debate among historians.  Patrick Hunt from Stanford University (who doesn’t feature in the documentary but was very helpful and is in our ‘The Experts’ section on this website) is doing his best to find archaeolgoical evidence supporting one of the routes we test out.  Put the coffee on and enjoy! And if you aren’t in the UK, here’s a short sequence you can watch from episode four’s Alpine adventure: