UnderDownunder is Underway!

At long last after more than an year in planning, the inaugural Bike Odyssey “Tasmania – UnderDownunder Tour” began today with a group ride out to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory for a photo of Freddo the Frog and then on to MONA for a bite to eat and a chance to explore this world class museum.

It’s quite late and we’ve got two big days ahead, so I’ve only got a few images to share and not a lot of dialogue. More tomorrow, but this will at least show readers that we’ve started in sunshine and everyone is ready to roll. As the journey and this blog progresses I hope to more richly share with you some of the flavour or our wonderful island.

The first image is of the tour hotel in Hobart, which is right on the waterfront:

In the next photo we’re getting our rundown on tour logistics:

And here’s Freddo out in Claremont flying the Cadbury flag:

For non-Antipodean readers, Freddo is a childhood confectionary favourite for people who grow up in this part of the world. He’s a bite sized chocolate frog that small children get as a treat when they visit the local corner shop with their parents – and of course purchased by said children when they start to make their own independent forays to said corner shops! 

A couple of photos of riders arriving at MONA, where you ride up through grape vines to the museum:

The little peninsula that MONA was Hobart’s first wine estate before it became the site of David Walch’s museum. Known as Moorilla, it was founded by Claudio Alcorso, visionary entrepreneur, patron of the arts and philanthropist. David Walsh is a worth successor. Tasmania – and Australia in general – could use more of their ilk.  

Here are a couple of photos of our group sitting down to lunch outside at MONA:

And as great gardening guru Peter Cundall used to say at the end of each week’s program on ABC television and radio “that’s your bloomin’ lot”!