Huilo, Nothagus and the Magic Tower

We have a ‘moving’ rest day today and a full rest day tomorrow. Today we pack our bags and rack our bikes and shuttle/ferry to Argentina for the first time. But more about that tomorrow.

Today’s blog is dedicated to about the most unique place I have ever seen or stayed at. Hopefully the photos will do the Hotel Nothagus in the Huilo Huilo Reservica justice.

The Hotel has a sprawling footprint and two towers. It incorporates the mountainside and forest.

My room was on the upper left corner, the dining room,bar and reception desk is in the centre circular area. The circular area on the lower right is the Magic Tower, photos of this later on.


In fact, when planning, the architect selectively cut down trees, leaving large trees to use as supports for the walls and roof. 98% of this structure is wood so obviously fire is a major concern. There are fire extinguisher sprinkler heads every 7 feet in the ceilings! The guest rooms are below grade so naturally cooled and with great views of the forest from the balconies.


An 8 storey spiral tower with more guest rooms amongst the trees.

    Looking down from the top and rooftop view  

We joked that it seemed like you could walk 3km without leaving the building! lol


So at the far end of the hotel is another sanctuary of lounges and guest rooms. It is called the Magic Tower.



This is the outside of what you just have seen inside:


Yes, that is the hotel guest rooms of the Magic Tower!

A short 1000 yards down to a nice waterfall

         This guy followed us all the way to the waterfall and back up.

If we could have stayed longer, there was treetop walking, white water rafting and other activities….I did not want to leave this unique place!

To get closer to, and to respect nature and ourselves, is most important…..

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  1. What a gorgeous spot Charlie!!
    Could easily spend a vacation there…enjoy the rest of the ride, you’ll have lots of memories.


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