First practice post … Riding West from Hobart


WordPress, eh? Hmmm. Just trying to get a handle on a whole new blogging interface is pretty challenging! So, a bit of experimentation with a couple of glimpses of riding in Tasmania.

First, I’ll try inserting a photo of a black swan, taken at Goulds Lagoon at Granton. For northern hemisphere inhabitants who may not have seen these before, they are the indigenous swans found throughout Australia. There is a wonderful surprise when they lift and flap their wings, with a beautiful white band appearing on the underside of each wing …



And now a little video, which was shot along the alternative route on Day 2 of UnderDownunder …

… and here’s another ¬†from right near the end of Day 3 …

4 thoughts on “First practice post … Riding West from Hobart

  1. If you’ve had a look, what about making a comment so I know about it? I promise to reply, unlike the person who made a post elsewhere on this site but didn’t reply to me!

    1. Well this can be a practice reply. It looks really good so far. I like the video – especially the start.

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