First Things First…GottaGittdare!

A long first day!…left Kingsville at 10am, arrived DTW at 11 am and checked in, handed off my luggage and bike, said a prayer to the baggage handler gods to have it all arrive at the destination undamaged. (have Airtags as a back up, just in case the message didn’t get through upstairs!). Flight departure 3:45pm to Frankfurt Germany, and on to Istanbul 2pm next day.

a lunch of some typical Murrican grub at Margaritaville before the fine dining starts tomorrow!…mouth watering for when that happens…

where I try to sleep tonight

The bike and Mr Pink arrived with me in Frankfurt( thank you AirTags!) and a nice 2.81 mile walk to my connecting gate at 1:30 am EDT (7:30am Frankfurt time)

Frankfurt International
Tarmac entry to Istanbul
a beautiful and huge airport and easy to negotiate

15 hours later…MADE IT!

2 thoughts on “First Things First…GottaGittdare!

  1. Looking forward to following your travels Charlie. My bike and I made it home from Europe 2 days ago – together and unscathed! Enjoy your adventures! I hope to be doing something similar some day. I just need to retire first…

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