Locked and Loaded!……



Today was a long day. Combining the time it took to clear customs at the border at Detroit, the trip to Metro Airport  was  2 hours.  A post check-in 2 hour wait at the gate, then a 2 hour flight to Atlanta, and another 2 hour layover, and a 9 1/2 hour flight to Santiago. Customs clearance and luggage pick-up was 1.5 hours, and shuttle to the hotel 1 hr. 45 minutes. Once at the hotel it has topped out as a 22 hour day. Add to that is Chile is 2 hours ahead and it is just noon!!

    Atlanta Hartsfield airport finally finished!


But here we are on the south side of the globe! And most importantly, my luggage arrived with me as did my bike.

   What makes a flatlander’s heart beat faster?….mountains!

 My shuttle driver Jorge, neither one of us could speak each other’s language….good thing I have Google Translate on the phone!

I am excited to reunite with my Aussie friend Rai who rode EFI (if you want to know what that means, I will private message you!) across America with me in 2015. I am excited to meet new friends and excited to Bike 4 Benches!!……I am ready…

0C (32C) in Kingsville upon leaving, 27C (82F) and sunny stepping off the plane in Santiago….



The Power, the Potential and the Healing Ability of Helping in the Community…..the Allie Sunshine Project!

I’m Ready!…..



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  1. Bon Voyage! Thanks for the updates on your great adventure. Looking forward to following along as you make your way south.

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