Zama school refurbishment

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We just had some great news from Tunisia. At the end of On Hannibal’s Trail we rode through a village there called Zama – it was near here that Hannibal fought and lost the final battle of the 2nd Punic War. While we were filming we watched villagers walking or riding donkeys a kilometer down the hill, past the ruins of Roman water reservoirs, to fetch water from a muddy pool/well.

On Hannibal’s Trail sold to Viasat

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Viasat, a Scandinavian network, has bought On Hannibal’s Trail and plans to broadcast the series starting this August.  So the ‘lucky’ people of these countries will get to see the series: Belarus Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Hungary Latvia Lithuania Moldova Norway Poland Romania Russia Serbia Sweden Ukraine If we manage to get Napoleon […]

BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: Hannibal

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Melvyn Bragg’s radio show has discussed Hannibal’s war against Rome.  It’s an interesting listen: There’s a also a bibliography and some readable musings on MB’s blog here:

On Hannibal’s Trail on National Geographic TV

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Ben and Sam are cycling in Tuscany perhaps that’s why I was reminiscing…and just did a quick search and discovered that On Hannibal’s Trail has now been scheduled on National Geographic TV and is broadcasting during October on their Asia, Middle East and Oceania feed. Here’s the link:

Tonight on BBC2: Hannibal Double Header Grand Finale

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Tonight starting at 1120pm on BBC2 in the UK, it’s the final two episodes of On Hannibal’s Trail. The Alps were spectacular – but if you like Italian countryside, Roman ruins and wine contrasted with the colourful, chaotic Maghreb, you should enjoy ‘Hannibal the Great’ and ‘Hannibal at the Gates’.  We were filming just before the […]

Jama Fund Update

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With all the positive changes in some parts of the Middle East – Tunisia included – and the disruptions that has caused, the Jama Fund donation is still in a holding pattern six months after the US$1600 was delivered to microfinance group Enda inter-arabe. There is some movement!  Michael Cracknell from inter-arabe says they are […]