When is a Rest Day Not a Rest Day?

We have the rare but enjoyable occurrence of spending 2 nights in one place. It means not having to lug the luggage, and allows to catch up on emails, laundry etc.

Because of the traffic and other logistics of Concepcion, we will stay here in Las Pinas an extra night. But today is also a Ride day, a 65 km out and back with 2300 ft of climbing. I’ve been told I pronounce this ‘oot and back’ by my Aussie friends!

The Out

A note about Concepcion. The majority of the city was destroyed in the massive earthquake of 2012. The devastation was so bad that the city was rebuilt in a new area across the river, leaving the rubble of the old. It is a sprawling city and beautifully    located on the coast in green lush land. Being on the windward side of the mountains, the air is clear, not like smog filled Santiago. It was the former capital of Chile before the unwise decision to move the capital to Santiago.



After our mandatory pre-ride stretch and espresso from barista Max, we rode the bikes today to Punta Lavapie, a point of land southwest of Las Penas. Translated Punta Lavapie means Wash Your Feet Point! The origin of  the name is unknown. Chilean mythology suggests that the reefs  in the harbour and strait between the island and shore have caused shipwrecks. It is best to only wade in the waters with your feet. There may be some spiritual connection but nobody seems to know or care!

The 33 km out was no walk in the park as we had to battle crosswinds in the open lowland and traverse 4 ridge lines ranging fro 9% to 14% grade. Tough climbs and glorious descents. The roads today were the best we have had so far, just like home!

  The white wall not he middle of the photo is the road we were climbing.


The shoreline fog which forms everyday here. It was completely burned off by the  time we arrive in Punta Lavapie.

The And…

At the shore we were in time to see the fishermen bring  in their catch of clams, mussels,  crab and reineta fish.



Fantastic huge seafood lunch in a little restaurant down an alleyway, steps from the shore.

   Two different  seafood salads served with sopapila bread. Below, a cheese covered bowl of crab and clams. The menu price was $12 to $15 CDN for these dishes which easily would be double that at home.

  And mariscal calientemM a local soup with every kind of shellfish you can think of!

The  beer offered is Russian from StPetersburg (who knows why), anybody want to start a good Canadian craft brewery in  Chile??

This signwas on the restaurant wall. The translation is ‘you can eat anything you want. Operation Bikini will be suspended fo meteorological reasons’!

The Back

After the feast, we remounted for the return route attack int the 4 ridge lines in reverse. I always find it kind of cool that riding the same route in reverse is unique ride of its own. And as has been the usual, we immediately climbed out of this seafood village on a 14% climb with bellies full. Make no mistake, we have even earning our food!!

       The local cemetery, looks like standing room only! 

You never know who you will meet… 

Today’ride ranks as one of the best so far on this adventure!

I was still full from lunch so skipped dinner….but did have a post ride beer!




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  1. That road today looked awesome but I wouldn’t have enjoyed the ride back up that gradient after a big lunch!

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