Rest is Good

A little extra sleep today! Below is a map of the Chilean wine regions and the floor plan of the Clos Apalta winery.

My app Relive doesn’t seem to be linking to my Garmin very well, must be the mediocre internet signal we are getting in remote areas. But today it worked and here are the rides  I think for most days:




and yesterday

All the bikes get cleaned and adjusted by our guides/mechanics and ready for the next leg of the trip…Maddie Two getting the once over.

I got my dirty kits washed and hanging to dry so the rest of the day was a little sight seeing and chilling….another great breakfast of fruit, cheese and eggs and wonderful bread. The cook served us up fresh blended strawberry juice and YAY, they have coffee at this hotel’s dining room!

A professional road race rally setting up in Pichilemu, lots of activity in town.

“Life’s a beach, hon”….

Dining at the seashore…

Black tartelle with shrimps and crab

Chilean fish and chips!

Poached pears with 2 chocolate sauces

Goodnight from Punta de Lobos…..second leg starts tomorrow with another century! Ola!







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  1. Charlie- I saw the surf boards but I didn’t see you on one of them. What’s going on?–GT

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