Behind the Scenes

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Hi everyone  – I just thought I’d take the chance to reply to comments we have had about On Hannibal’s trail on twitter, facebook and on various blogs! Firstly thanks to everyone for comments – lots of very nice ones which are very encouraging to read! To answer a few of the questions which have […]

The Next Trail?

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Hi everyone, Hannibal is back on the BBC so this prompted us to start planning our next historical journey. We would love everyones input – we have a few ideas so have made a poll on our website… If you look on our homepage on the righthand side you will see the poll. Please vote […]

Cuirassnapper Heads

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Our journey with the film crew continued to Lake Trasimene, where as described in a previous blog, Hannibal won a major battle against the Romans….. For us it was much less dramatic – a dodgy highway hotel in Touro where we hung out our wet shoes and clothes soaked from our journey into the swamps […]

Allies Arrive

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We went to Pavia for two reasons – to meet an old frield – Frederico Marcesi or Feddo as he bacame known in Australia where everyone’s name must be shortened and end with an o or y. And to visit the place where Hannibal had his first battle with the Romans. The first obviously took […]

The Longer March to Traversette

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Ben’s favourite joke is if you say you have something which is big or best or something grand then he will immediatly reply that his is bigger or better or greater! This stems from those annoying people who always have to go one better whenever you tell a story whether it be they have travelled […]

How sweet it is to be reclined

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A long day’s ride started with a stop after 3 kms at a possible ancient monument to the two Scipios, who were killed by Hasdrubal, Hannibal’s brother. After a lengthy argument between Sam and Danny over its origins, which could have been caused by the fact that the stop was for something other than coffee […]