The Bodyguard

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On a long trip like this interpersonal relationships become very important and are often the cause of the most interesting bits of the journey. I imagine it might make a pretty good documentary following a crew making a documentary? A bit like the new show we are thinking of pitching to the BBC: “Entertainment Tonight […]

The Way it is Baby

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When you cycle day after day the rhythm naturally brings music to your mind.  At the beginning of the trip I tended to hum fairly epic stuff as the wheels turned – tunes from the film The Dark Knight  for example: or some of those ponderous but very catchy Michael Nyman movie sound tracks, […]

Cuirassnapper Heads

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Our journey with the film crew continued to Lake Trasimene, where as described in a previous blog, Hannibal won a major battle against the Romans….. For us it was much less dramatic – a dodgy highway hotel in Touro where we hung out our wet shoes and clothes soaked from our journey into the swamps […]

Gnochetti of the Superhero

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We were reunited once again with the film crew in Milan. Andrea is directing the final two episodes of the documentary – amongst her many attractive attributes she laughs at all our jokes – which is very rare as they aren’t ever funny. Francesco the fixer is full of concerned advice for us. His best […]

In the Navy

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We’re back with the crew again at a campsite near Naples.  I’ve had one beer and a swig on a bottle of wine and dinner should be soon but there could be time to write about Tarento, a strange place but well worth a visit.  Tarento was one of many southern Italian cities where the […]


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Danny, Sam and I are all quite nice diplomatic people which can get a little frustrating at times. We get to an intersection for example and Danny suggests we go left, I say right and Sam says straight through. After 20 minutes of delicate and polite discussion we decide on a course of action that […]

Allies Arrive

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We went to Pavia for two reasons – to meet an old frield – Frederico Marcesi or Feddo as he bacame known in Australia where everyone’s name must be shortened and end with an o or y. And to visit the place where Hannibal had his first battle with the Romans. The first obviously took […]

Love in Italy

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A few years ago we were riding in Germany and learnt the Imperial point. A large group of cyclists was coming towards us and as they got closer we realised they were a huge professional cycling team. The leading cyclist sat up in his saddle and slowly and arrogantly pointed towards our side of the […]