The Way it is Baby

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When you cycle day after day the rhythm naturally brings music to your mind.  At the beginning of the trip I tended to hum fairly epic stuff as the wheels turned – tunes from the film The Dark Knight  for example: or some of those ponderous but very catchy Michael Nyman movie sound tracks, […]

In the Navy

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We’re back with the crew again at a campsite near Naples.  I’ve had one beer and a swig on a bottle of wine and dinner should be soon but there could be time to write about Tarento, a strange place but well worth a visit.  Tarento was one of many southern Italian cities where the […]

The Way to Pain

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Sam is sleeping next to me, hands still clasped next to the book he was reading, as we relax in a hotel in Briancon on our rest day. We are in the Alps for real now and as I write brother Ben is making his way across the Col du Clapier with our film crew. […]

You Packed Me All Night Long

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Thanks to Ben and Sam the packing was relatively easy, but lasted until about 3am in the morning.  Packing up a touring bike to take onto a plane, as you may know or can guess, is quite an ordeal with mudguards, pannier racks, wheels, handlebars, peddles etc all to be taken off and boxed.  This has been […]